Eat Good Food

By Jackie / Sep 22, 2021

One of the mistakes that I see people do when they want to switch their family’s diet and eat #healthy, is that they don’t hack their environment for consistency which…

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Just three out of 10 Canadians eat enough fruits and vegetables. Do you need to up your intake?

By Jackie / Sep 18, 2021

Leslie Beck – Globe and Mail Sept 17, 2021 If you’re like most Canadians, you don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. Canada’s food guide, updated in 2019, recommends building one…

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Popsicle Comparison – how much sugar do popsicles have and what ingredients are in these products.

By Jackie / Aug 25, 2021
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By Jackie / Aug 8, 2021

Always more popsicles! Especially when they are #organic#natural#fruitsonly#nowater#nojuice and #noaddedsugar! OH YEAH! Naturally sweet and #delish. Kids and parents all over #canada are loving these adorable #icelolliesFind the closest store…

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It’s the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables!

By Jackie / Jul 27, 2021

Did you know that 2021 is the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables?Celebrate it by introducing more fruits and vegetables to your family’s diet and reducing food waste by buying…

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The Fruits and Vegetables Dogs Can (and Can’t) Eat

By Jackie / Jul 27, 2021

Readers Digest We all know we should eat our fruits and veggies, but what’s good for us isn’t always good for our dogs. Most of us are guilty of slipping…

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Look for us in Canadian House and Home Magazine.

By Jackie / Jun 28, 2021

So excited to share this with our fabulous community.We were featured in @houseandhomemag 🙀 😻, it makes me so humble and happy to see how Fressy Bessie is growing and helping more…

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Fressy Bessie, All natural ice lollies with no added sugar, Toronto

Don’t eat fruit? Here’s why you should have at least two servings a day

By Jackie / Jun 14, 2021

Globe and Mail – Leslie Beck For a food that’s got plenty to offer on the nutrition front, fruit gets a bad rap. It’s often perceived as having too many…

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Fressy Bessie Ice Lollies Diabetic Friendly

By Jackie / May 31, 2021

Did you know that Fressy Bessie #icelollies are #diabeticfriendly❓ With only 4-5 grams of carbs and #noaddedsugar, no #fruitjuice, or any artificial concentration, they are the perfect treat for kids and adults with diabetes.Check the…

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By Jackie / May 19, 2021

From Summer Treats and Half Your Plate – Half Your Plate Here at Half Your Plate we love all the seasons because they give us different themes and opportunities to fill half our…

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