How to avoid foods with hidden sugars

By Jackie / Apr 6, 2021

Foods that are specifically marketed for children are often high in sugar.Some are obvious and easy to avoid like sodas, candy, sugar-added cereals, artificial #popsicles.But what about the hidden sugars. It’s…

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15 ways to keep kids active indoors (even if you don’t have much space)

By Jackie / Apr 5, 2021

From Today’s Parent Here’s how to keep your kids off the couch, even if you don’t have much space. By Angela Serednicki Photo: iStockphoto Thanks to the colder weather and shorter…

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Sugar: the supervillian as you’ve never seen it before

By Jackie / Mar 19, 2021

As consumers have tried to thwart white sugar and high fructose corn syrup over the past few years, many have turned to less-processed sugars from natural sources like coconut sugar,…

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Ice Lollies now at Whole Food Stores in Canada

By Jackie / Mar 18, 2021

Our Ice lollie have now arrived at stores in Ontario and BC ready for spring and summer. Grab a healthy popsicles with no added sugars or juice and we NEVER…

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Ontario-made Fressy Bessie Foods’ Frozen Ice Lollies now available at Whole Foods – Food In Canada

By Jackie / Mar 15, 2021

Fressy Bessie Foods’ Frozen Ice Lollies are now available at Whole Foods as well as other grocery retailers in Ontario, Alberta and BC so far. They are 100% free of…

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Find our ice lollies at the Dufferin Grove Web Store. Pick it up or have it delivered to your home.

By Jackie / Feb 22, 2021
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Save 10% when you order $40 worth of product

By Jackie / Feb 7, 2021

During February, you can save when you order our ice lollies to your home or office. Order $40 dollars worth of product and save 10%. This offer expires at the…

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You can now order boxes of 24 Ice Lollies to your home or office locations are as follows – From oakville to Milton, Newmarket to Oshawa and of course the GTA. ** more details are coming.

By Jackie / Sep 17, 2020
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Healthy Treats Make Good Eats: A Look at Fressy Bessie and their Growing Online Empire

By Jackie / Aug 11, 2020

Read the Digital Main Street article about Fressy Bessie Ice Lollies! CLICK HERE

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Lollies not in your city yet? Keep checking, we add new stores as soon as our healthy popsicles are shipped!

By Jackie / Jul 16, 2020
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I’m Jackie Kwitko, the founder and owner of Fressy BessieTM Foods Inc. We make healthy frozen treats that are 100% free of preservatives, additives, sweeteners or artificial anything (and taste delicious – exactly the way mother nature intended). Learn more.

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