The quality is phenomenal.

We just started using an amazing baby food service run by a local mom. She prepares fresh, organic, locally-sourced fruit and veggie purées and delivers them to your door once a week. The quality is phenomenal (i.e. what you’d make yourself or better). Anna

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City Parent

Baby food makes vegetables the centrepiece of a meal

Each one of these baby foods are single ingredient. “I do that so children learn to love one vegetable at a time, not just for allergies,” Kwitko says. “I don’t make it fancy or mix it because I think that’s the key to not having a picky eater.” She believes in embracing the taste of…

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Good Food Revolution

Fressy Bessie on Good Food Revolution

I really enjoyed the ice lollies. They were a refreshing healthy treat on a warm day. My whole family enjoyed them. Jackie Kwitko, Owner and Founder of Fressy Bessie Good Food Revolution  

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