Creative Halloween Snacks That Are Equally Healthy and Creepy

We do not wanna ruin Halloween for kids, but we can sneak in some healthy alternatives

Save for your next Halloween Party!

  • Monster Wraps

Make any sandwich come to life with sliced Cheddar, olives and cornichon pickles that form a monstrous face!

Recipe from “womansday” blog

  • Healthy Mummy Pizzas (GLUTEN FREE)

Make a Pizza ‘’dough’’ out of ground chicken and spinach. A perfect gluten-free alternative to a traditional pizza and nutritious! Then use Black and green olives – to make these cute mummy eyes!

Recipe from “theyummybowl” blog

  • Monster Mouths (paleo, vegan)

Use large apples, natural peanut butter, with less sugar, strawberry jam, to fill in between the slices of apples, then use dried cranberries or other dried berries and add them on top. Use slivered almonds for teeth and lychees and blueberries for eyes.

Kids can join in on the fun and help you make them

Recipe from “texanerin” blog

  • Halloween Stuffed Peppers

These Jack-o-lantern-style peppers are stuffed with fiber-rich quinoa, salty halloumi cheese, and zucchini for a creative, festive meal.

Recipe from “hungryhealthyhappy” blog

  • Halloween Roasted Veggies

These are super fun. Just cut your favorite fall veggies (like carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, and white potatoes) into Halloween-themed shapes like pumpkins, witches’ hats, and mummies.

Recipe from “liveeatlearn” blog

  • Veggie Skeleton

Ok, we admit this one is not spooky but the kids will have so much fun eating this guy’s “bones” that they’ll totally forget they are eating raw vegetables.

Recipe from “thishealthytable” blog

  • Mini Orange Pumpkins and Ghost Bananas and other spooky fruits

For the oranges, simply peel the orange and then place a tiny piece of celery on top of the stem. Then for the ghost, simply peel the banana, cut it into thirds, and place two mini chocolate chips on the top for the eyes.

Recipe from “houseofnasheats” blog

  • Ghoul Nails

Use Fressy Bessie Mango and Blueberry Ice lollies as ghoul nails Halloween snack, not only is it healthy with #norefinedsugar or juice, it’s also very tasty and naturally sweet and will kids love it. Available at a store near you!


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