Delivery Service Suspended

Hi: This is to tell you that Fressy BessieTM has suspended our delivery service for the summer.
If you need more baby food, you have a couple of options:

  1. Jill and Beanstock carries my baby food, lunchbox meals and ice lollies.
    814 College St, just east of Ossington Ave
  2. Baby on the Hip – Leslieville location – has baby food, lunchbox meals and ice lollies.
  3. Wychwood Barns farmers’ Market – I’m there every second week. You can email us and place your order. It will be ready for pickup when we are at the market.

Looking for ice lollies? Here are all the stores that carry our very popular products:

  • Fiesta Farm
  • Big Carrot
  • Whole Foods – Yorkville location
  • Healthy Butcher – Queen and Eglinton and their online service as well at Real Food Toronto
  • McEwan – Don Mills
  • Nature’s Emporium – Newmarket and Vaughan locations.
  • More than Pies on Annette St. at Durrie. Bloor West Village
  • Sanelli’s on Dundas Street West in Royal York has our ice lollies in 8 packs.
  • Roast Fine Foods on St Clair near Christie.

If you have any questions – please email –
Jackie Kwitko
Owner, Fressy BessieTM Foods Inc.


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