About Us


When my daughter was born 13 years ago, I wanted her to begin her "eating life" with home-cooked food. How else would she be able to develop a taste for the fresh, authentic flavours of all the wonderful, natural foods out there? So I braised, I roasted, I puréed. Now after seeing how her palate has expanded, how curious and open she is to different foods, tastes and textures, I believe those first food experiences contributed greatly to her good eating habits. 



My 13-year-old-daughter, who did all the original artwork you see on all our labels including the apple. (Someone commented that the apple looked like clip-art).



My cousin, who turned Alexandra's artwork into the Fressy Bessie graphic design scheme and company logo.



There would be no Fressy Bessie without my husband.  He's involved in every aspect of the company and helps make everything look good.