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"Finding nourishing, wholesome foods that our kids will enjoy can be a challenge.... Fressy Bessie is a Toronto based company that takes the guesswork out of providing healthy, organic meal choices for our little ones."  .. from the Mommy Effect Blog, November 18, 2015


"Each one of these baby foods are single ingredient. “I do that so children learn to love one vegetable at a time, not just for allergies,” Kwitko says. “I don’t make it fancy or mix it because I think that’s the key to not having a picky eater.” She believes in embracing the taste of something that’s not overly sweet but just tastes good, and that it will open the door to healthy eating."   November 2015



"We had an uncomfortable baby who was teething the morning Fressy Bessie attended our program and he was given one of these lollies – he was so much happier and only fussed when his mom moved her arm and he couldn't reach the lolly!  To be honest, these are great for any age for a yummy cool treat." Kelly Hodgson, May 2015


"Stocking these healthy meals in the freezer ensures I won’t be reaching for boxed foods after a busy day at work. My boys’ grandpa watches them a few times a week and he usually makes them pasta. Fressy Bessie’s toddler meals are a perfect replacement, real food and real fast!"  Sara Vartanian, October 2014 


"I'll be honest.  I liked knowing and trusting that I had freshly made puree's for my girls compared to the handy premade pouches you have sitting on the isles at the grocers." Everything Mom and Baby Blog, May 2014


"I wanted to produce a product that was as good as what would come out of a mother's kitchen."  Jackie Kwitko, owner and founder of Fressy Bessie Foods Inc.  July 2015