Lunch box meals ( 9 meals in a package)

We know sometimes it's hard to find a healthy meal for lunch. Now we introduce our 8 oz/227g containers, great for school age children or even someone who would like to take a healthy lunch to work.   Our food has no additives, no added salt or sugar. It's full of healthy ingredients - beans for iron and fibre, fresh tomatoes, organic carrots, organic spinach, organic broccoli -- plus lots of flavour as we add: garlic, herbs and dijon mustard.     

This package includes:  * contact us if you want to adjust the numbers of the various products.  ** this may affect the price.  

    • 3-227g containers of vegan chili. 
    • 2-227g containers of lentil and spinach stew.  
    • 2- 227g containers of ratatouille.
    • 1 - 2 pack mac and cheese with broccoli cakes.
    • 1 - 227g vegetarian shepherd pie.
You will find 9 meals in this package

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