Raising healthy kids

School is online or taught from home, and screen time is likely much higher than any adult in their lives would like. Perhaps at the top of most parents’ concerns is the #physical and #mental #health consequences that come along with spending that much time indoors, on screens, and in isolation. Physical and mental health are connected, so giving your child a bit of routine where they move can have a very good impact on their mental health, I know, they won’t like, at first, but once they start feeling better and build the habit around it they will enjoy their time. Especially if you make it fun and share that time with them. If you are stuck inside, do online #fitness classes like the recent series launched by NEO Kids, PopSugar Fitness’ family sweat sessions, or UNICEF Kid Power dance and yoga platform. It doesn’t need to be a real #workout, let them try to follow along, or even create their own moves and laugh at each other, just have a good time. And I see people making the mistake of wanting to start working out for an hour or 30 minutes, thinking that this is too little time to spend on working out. But, remember we have been in this situation for a year, all the kid’s routines have changed and they haven’t been moving around as much, 30 minutes of continuous movement can be a lot for some kids. Besides, to build a habit always start small, it can be just 10 minutes break or even 5. In the beginning it’s not about quantity, it’s about CONSISTENCY. You can always increase the time later, when the habit is automated. If your kids won’t enjoy an online class, invest in a wii or something similar and play tennis, soccer, skiing or any other game that has enough movement. It might be something else for your kids, so ask them, experiment with them and find that sweet spot where you are all enjoying and having fun. Share with us moms any other ideas or even tricks that you do to get your #kids to move. #raisinghealthykids#kidsphysicalhealth#kidshealthyliving#cleaneating#fruitsonly#icelollies#popsiclesticks


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