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My whole family enjoyed them.

I really enjoyed the ice lollies. They were a refreshing healthy treat on a warm day. My whole family enjoyed them.


The quality is phenomenal.

We just started using an amazing baby food service run by a local mom. She prepares fresh, organic, locally-sourced fruit and veggie purées and delivers them to your door once a week. The quality is phenomenal (i.e. what you’d make yourself or better).


City Parent

Baby food makes vegetables the centrepiece of a meal

Each one of these baby foods are single ingredient. “I do that so children learn to love one vegetable at a time, not just for allergies,” Kwitko says. “I don’t make it fancy or mix it because I think that’s the key to not having a picky eater.” She believes in embracing the taste of something that’s not overly sweet but just tastes good, and that it will open the door to healthy eating.

Good Food Revolution

Fressy Bessie on Good Food Revolution

I wanted to produce a product that was as good as what would come out of a mother’s kitchen.

Jackie Kwitko, Owner and Founder of Fressy Bessie

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