What is the difference between our ice lollies and traditional popsicles?

Traditional Popsicles
Our ice lollies

Traditional popsicles are mostly made of water, artificial flavouring, toxic food colouring and sometimes vitamins added to it at the end, it’s deprived of nutrients and filled with bad stuff that has an impact on our kids’ health.

Fressy Bessie has made a popsicle that means kids do not have to be deprived of treats, #snacks and #sweets, we just need to shift our minds into making better and healthier choices.  Our ice lollies are made from organic fruit – and nothing else, giving families #healthy choices.


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Jackie Kwitko Fressy Bessie Food Inc.

I’m Jackie Kwitko, the founder and owner of Fressy BessieTM Foods Inc. We make healthy frozen treats that are 100% free of preservatives, additives, sweeteners or artificial anything (and taste delicious – exactly the way mother nature intended). Learn more.

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