We welcome wholesale inquiries from businesses who, like us, feel that treats can be healthy, natural, and delicious.

Our lollies do very well at organic/health-focused grocery retailers (Fiesta Farms, The Healthy Butcher, Nature's Emporium, and Sweet Potato). We are in Metro, Longo's and some Sobeys stores.

UNFI Canada

Lollies come in boxes of six – either all one flavour or our popular multipack. Retailers may contact our wholesale partner, UNFI Canada, and use the following codes to order:

FRE100 - for our multipack ice lollies
FRE002 - for our apple ice lollies
FRE003 - for our mango ice lollies
FRE101 - for our tropical ice lollies
FRE102 - for our blueberry mango

Ice Lollies - All natural ice lollies in Toronto, www.fressybessie.com

Ice lollies are also available in packages of 24, labelled for individual sale – a great choice for convenience/general stores, restaurants, and special events! Contact us if you are interested in boxes of 24 lollies.

ice lollies, all natural ice lollies by fressybessie.com

If you’d like to learn more, discuss a wholesale opportunity, or sample our lollies, please feel free to reach out at any time.